May. 7th, 2011

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As if I needed another blog. Yet here I am. And why? Well - to essentially express my occasional frustrations, and even more occasional successes, in the process of writing, rewriting and editing a novel. Additionally the occasional foray into the joys of art generally, the trials of art personally, snippets of poetry or short stories and even bits and pieces of photography. I came here, to Dreamwidth, because of its intended purpose as a creative space for creative people, which appealed. And because it came well-recommended.

I am given to understand there is an intelligent Pagan community here on DW, which I may dip into also. Religious posts will probably rare, and they will all be FO to particular individuals to keep the rest of you from feeling at all uncomfortable.

For now, I'm attempting to edit this journal style to my liking and tracking down some icons, as it seems improper to use those I've accumulated from time on LJ.

On that score - if you, the reader, know of a community or icon journal or mood theme set I might enjoy, please plug it in a comment and I will hasten to check it out.

Many thanks.


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