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I don't want to edit today. Reading over a page or two of last week's editing has made me feel filled with angst and overly emotional, not properly melancholy as it should. I don't want to angst today. I'm not on top of things enough to angst today unless I'm pouring out angst in word form. Gaining angst is not the way I want things to go. Maybe a short story or a bit of a drabble later on, to satisfy today's Work Output Requirement.

In other news, a book I ordered from Book Depository arrived today. It left the UK on the 19th and arrived in my letterbox in New Zealand on the 23rd. Plus we have to take into account that NZ is half a day ahead of the UK. So that's some damn good quick delivery, especially since they deliver for free.

The book in question you, oh Reader, may well like. It is called "Q and A a Day" and consists of about four lines in which one is to answer a question of the day. Then when one has completed the year, one goes back to where one started and answers the questions again. You can watch your answers change across five years.

Which is good enough an idea as it stands but the book itself is beautiful. Thick but compact, hardcover, with thick, gilt-edged pages. It's a pleasing thing to hold and a pleasing thing to own. The cover is bound essentially in brown paper, and embossed with black. It looks marvellous.

I will save beginning to write in it until the Winter Solstice, which is upcoming, but I am impressed that it arrived so quickly.

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