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I have written a Schedule.

The Schedule is to ensure that all the stuff I keep telling myself I'll do more of actually gets done. And the schedule says that from 12 to 12.30 I am allowed a break, and I am having a break to write this. Even though I am 45 minutes behind schedule, cough cough.

The Schedule is as follows!

10a.m.: Get up. Coffee, clothes, ready-to-face-dayness. Checking of twitter, etc.
11a.m.: Writing work. Novel editing or assorted other work such as poetry practice, short stories, etc.
12p.m.: (That's now.) Break. Meant to be going outside, stretching etc. but instead I am writing this post. Surprised? Me neither.
12.30p.m.: More writing.
1.30p.m.: Reading. (Something I do far less often than I feel I want to. Now I have a special time to do it in.)
3.30p.m.: Language work. I keep wanting to re-learn French and Latin, so I do that here.
5p.m.: Pagan reading. Personal note-taking or book-club reading.
6p.m.-whenever: Relaxing, eating, TV, internet. Also incorporates any further reading, writing etc I feel moved to do, including journal-writing and so on.
Midnight: Last opportunity for writing spurt. Wind-down. Prayer, possibly meditation (also an option during the 12p.m. break that I am currently pissing away on teh internets).
2a.m.: sleeps.

Went to bed just after 2 last night. Could not sleep for three and a half hours. Drifted off sometime before 6. Seriously?

I'm going to try this "sleep at 2" for a couple of weeks and see if I can get it to work. If I'm still struggling, and surviving on four hours of sleep (which I suck at) after a couple of weeks I'll re-write the schedule so that I can sleep enough to feel alive. Right now I am mentally exhausted and I can't believe I used to live like this constantly when I was working full time. Sure I get up late in the day, but I'm not lazy. I have a fucked up sleep phase or something.

And now I have procrastinated enough. I have.... seven minutes before I am meant to start writing again. I feel like falling asleep.
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